Advanced Contact Centre Systems

Our award-winning, ultra-reliable contact centre solutions increase efficiency. Hence you can iimprove customer service whilst keeping costs down and revenue high.
Antheus will work with you to investigate the most appropriate technology and applications for your business. Our systems will help you to improve performance and drive customer engagement. So you can enhance the customer experience whilst increasing agent productivity. We provide solutions that deliver real competitive advantage and seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Our contact centre systems feature:

Our award winning Liberalis® Contact centre system is highly scalable, from just 10 seats to 1,000. We’ve achieved this by engineering a highly flexible solution written at the core level in C++

Because of its modular design, the system can scale both up and down as your needs change

Liberalis is gentle on your bandwidth too. We use Javascript on the real-time front end, so only the parts of the screen that need to change will update

By using the optional WebRTC module, there’s no longer a requirement for any form of IP phone (hard or soft). All audio is sent securely using the browser, removing not just the SIP overhead but also the associated security (Toll fraud) issues. All you need is a headset and a browser and you’re ready

** Liberalis supports a combination of IP phones and WebRTC

If your call centre isn’t running for even an hour, we know it’s costing you money just having the agents sitting there, never mind the loss of sales. You rely on a system that simply works 99.99% of the time

We’ve built our reputation of providing very high uptime systems by doing just that, namely as far as possible providing ‘Five Nines’ reliability

We achieve this by using quality equipment in our datacenters. Not just the servers, the network infrastructure too, with constant real time monitoring 24/7

By investing heavily in our core systems over the last few years we have built a robust system, so you don’t have to worry

We don’t just know call centre systems inside and out, we also know about the networking side too

We monitor virtually every aspect of the systems providing your call centre system 24/7

Antheus use SNMP monitoring of the physical hardware. So alerts go to our support centre if there are any issues with the systems’ temperatures, disks, memory etc. Even if a fan fails or starts to run slowly, we know about it immediately

Disk capacity is closely monitored and alerts are triggered well before they reach critical levels. All servers have at a minimum mirrored hot swap drives with automatic rebuilds in the event of a drive failure. In addition, we make extensive use of database replication. If the slave replication fails or falls too far behind, engineers are rapidly alerted

In short, we aim to be one step ahead of potential failures, keeping your operation going with minimal downtimes 24/7

We make a point of knowing our ecosystem inside and out

By knowing everything about everything to do with call centre provisioning, we are your one stop shop

All our servers run the Linux operating system; the only choice for mission critical applications. Furthermore, we have used a single vendor (HP) for hardware for the last 10 years

We own all of the equipment and do not outsource any. This means we have a standard build that we know will work

As members of RIPE, we have our own independent IP address space and peer directly with many networks including LINX. In short, we are our own ISP

We also have in house developers that allow us to enhance our call centre systems as well as providing customisation

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If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and cost effective contact centre system then Antheus will deliver. We can provide long or short term agreements. If you start small and realise you’re going to need more agents, our contact centre systems are fully scalable to meet demand.