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Product: Cloud based  WebRTC Contact Centre System 

The Antheus  Liberalis WebRTC system is “a first” from a UK- based specialist telephony company

Changing the face of contact centre telephony, it enables both inbound and outbound call traffic via a browser with no phones required!

It’s easy to deploy, with fast installation and no onerous staff training involved. It has a user friendly front-end with clear reporting.

Our product

With our extensive knowledge of how UK contact centres work and what their requirements are, 2 years ago we set about building our own cloud solution based on best of breed technologies.  We took all of the best features out there and left out all of the clutter.  One of the pains of deploying a contact centre is the initial setup.  Not only do you need to setup the desktop PC’s for the agents, each agent has to have a hard or soft phone configured along with the associated security issues (Toll fraud etc.)


About 12 months ago, we sent our dev team to a workshop on WebRTC at Google’s Offices. It became very apparent that this was an ideal solution to a long-standing contact centre problem, namely managing hundreds of phones.

We made WebRTC an integral part of our new solution, which does away with any agent phone configuration.  It’s a real game changer.  When the agent logs on to the system the audio is automatically mapped to the browser.  One less item on the desktop to go wrong!  It has proven so popular that 100% of the phones in a customer’s contact centre have been removed.  To quote the customer ‘Every day when the agents booted up their PCs at least one would lose the softphone configuration. This meant IT had to go to the machine and reconfigure.  Since moving to WebRTC this issue has completely disappeared

The global contact centre systems market is dominated by US companies.  As a result many systems have a profound American slant to the way they operate.  We wanted, and our customers needed a European focused solution and that is what we’ve built.

Business performance

The new system is 100% Linux based (except agent PC), and we use the latest generation HP servers which use a fraction of the power of servers that were available 5 years ago.  It’s lean on bandwidth too.  With agent screens Java based, only things that change need to be transmitted.  All of this leads to reduced costs.

“Nik and his team at Antheus have greatly enhanced my own productivity by building a system that requires minimal maintenance or training. The biggest time saver came from them building in the ability to have a headset connect directly to the browser removing the need for a local soft phone therefore meaning there was one less thing to support. ……. I am frequently approached by other companies, not one of them has been able to beat Antheus.”

Samuel Mann

IT Manager, Solarking