CRM Call centre integration

Do you offer a CRM?

Not from ourselves no.  But we do have trusted partners that specialise in them and can refer you if you’d like.



We already have a CRM, can we use it?

Liberalis® has a comprehensive REST API already built in.  If the CRM you are using or thinking of using also provides a REST API then integration, assuming we haven’t already done it for another client, is pretty straight forward.

Generally, we don’t charge for REST integration, but we may do so if the CRM you plan to use is somewhat exotic in its implementation.

Vicidial® also has a range of API functions you can call to manipulate the dialler, but in this case, it would be down to the CRM provider to integrate the functions into their system.

However, we would be happy to write a translation module for you that would sit between the two systems, but there would be a development cost should you wish to go down that route.



What about a CRM with a dialler built in?


If you simply need ‘Click to Dial’ and simple inbound routing, then having a CRM with telephony is fine. However, a CRM and a Dialler system are two entirely different beasts especially if you need to make a lot of outbound calls or have a requirement for sophisticated inbound routing.

Diallers are Realtime systems designed to make decisions on how to handle a call in the blink of an eye. Their main goal in life is it to route that call as efficiently and quickly as possible and at the same time handle hundreds of calls simultaneously.

CRM systems on the other hand are designed to handle vast amounts of data in more of a processed fashion using workflows, business rules etc.

It might seem logical to have a CRM with the dialler built in, and while these may well work ok with light loads, customers have told us they tend to fall over with higher call volumes.

Horses for courses as they say.



Best Practices Dialler-CRM Integration

An important point when considering integrating two different systems is deciding which one is the master, and which is a user of the data.  One system must be the TRUTH when it comes to let’s say lead/customer information.  In our opinion it should be the CRM.

This means all loading of leads should happen via the CRM.  If the agent is permitted to edit any data with regards to the lead it should also be done via the CRM.  If this is not possible and all the agent has access to is the dialler lead information screen, then any changes need to be ‘pushed’ back to the CRM by the dialler as part of its workflow processing.  It goes without saying that a lock mechanism needs to be in place for a given lead record so that two people or systems can’t try and update the same record at the same time.

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