Liberalis Now!

Create your own online contact centre with Liberalis Now

Liberalis Now is a game changer in contact centre systems. Using the very latest in WebRTC technology, you can create your own online contact centre in moments.

It’s browser-based, so no phones are required. Therefore, you can simply plugin in a headset and use the Google Chrome browser, and you’re ready to go. It’s super-fast, incredibly simple and ultra-secure.

Easily monitor your call centre performance, call status and agent activity with our built-in dashboard. Want to quickly add or remove agents? No problem.

Our revolutionary new technology gives you ultimate control.


All you need to get up and running with Liberalis Now! is the Google Chrome browser and a headset. Our solution runs directly in your browser, therefore there’s no need to install and configure a soft-dialer or any other software. So just plugin in your headset to your computer and you’re ready to go!

Super-fast Set-Up

With our revolutionary automatic online system, you simply enter a few details. In less than an hour (and usually within 10 minutes), you’ll be ready to make and receive calls.


Liberalis Now is built using WebRTC technology, so It’s extremely secure. Because agents don’t need traditional SIP phones, there’s zero risk of SIP hacking (toll fraud).

No Commitment

Liberalis Now is a Pay As You Go (PAYG) system. So unlike other call centre systems, you only pay whilst your agents are actually connected to customers. In fact, there are absolutely no monthly charges or commitments. When you finish with the system, you just switch it off.

What’s more, our pricing structure is clear and simple:

Outbound Calls

To 01, 02 & 03 numbers
0.9p per minute

Calls to UK landlines

Outbound Calls

To UK mobile numbers
3.75p per minute

Calls to UK mobile phones

Agents Connected

Connected To Customers (*)
2p per minute

Only when connected to customers

(*) Importantly, Liberalis Now only charges for the time that agents are actually connected to customers, not for the time that they are connected to the system.** Includes false positives on voicemail detection and where customer has an IVR


Liberalis Now is a “use it when you need it” system. So it’s really easy to add or remove agents. And when you’ve finished, you just switch off the system until the next time you need it. Absolutely ideal for short-term marketing campaigns or one-off events!