4 May 2023

Call centre reliability

Our call centre server reliability is legendary. But just how good is it?

Call centre server reliability

When you're running a call centre or contact centre, one of the most important things is the reliability of your servers. The last thing you want is for a server to go down. Server downtime leaves your agents unproductive and unable to deal with calls. The cost of downtime is undeniably huge. Here at Antheus, we know that our servers are ultra-reliable. We make no apology for saying so on our website. But just how reliable are they, and can we prove it?

Our commitment to 99.999% uptime means that our servers are ultra-reliable

At Antheus, we know how crucial your contact centre is to your business and to your relationships with your customers. That's why we do everything we can to make sure our uptime is second to none. From the state-of-the-art technology we use to the redundancy incorporated into our industry-leading data centres, our call centre solutions have a proven track record for providing over 99.999% uptime.

So how reliable are our servers?

To illustrate just how reliable our servers are, take a look at the graph above. We have taken a random monitoring report as an example. You will see that these particular servers have been up and running for well over 18 months. The blue graph shows the Amps (amperes) for 2 of our servers: i.e. the actual electrical current coming through the power lines since March 2016. You will see that it never drops off i.e. our servers have been up for all that time!

How do we monitor our servers?

Our servers are constantly monitored, so if anything looks even slightly unusual, our engineers are informed straight away and they get working on the problem. By doing this, we can solve any issues before they become outages.

Our customers benefit from class-leading server reliability

For organisations that rely on high volumes of contacts, nothing is more important than uptime. Over time, Antheus has relentlessly upgraded its data centres to process calls for some of the biggest names in the outsourcing, financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, education, and energy industries - companies that simply cannot afford interruptions in service.
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Our call centre server reliability is legendary. But just how good is it?
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